Place Victoria

Located in downtown Gatineau, Place Victoria is a 14 storey office tower housing several government tenants, including Elections Canada and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, with a combined total of over 2200 staff. The facility is a certified LEED Canada Platinum (Core and Shell 1.0) design, one of only three buildings across the country to achieve this category rating as of 2014. Several exterior terraces and built-in-place landscaping planters help to create a sense of topography around the podium level, delineating pedestrian and vehicular access routes. The spacious central lobby features a double-height mezzanine configuration, complete with feature staircase and extensive natural lighting. The ground level also includes several amenity areas, such as change-rooms, showers, bicycle storage facilities and a fitness room, in addition to a cafeteria and grade-access tenant suites.

Project Highlights

  • A geothermal system yields additional energy savings (30% better than ASHRAE 90.1-1999 standards).
  • Regularly occupied spaces have maximized exterior views through a high R-value, triple-glazed curtain wall system.
  • Automated lighting sensors have reduced annual lighting annual consumption by 50% over initial baseline models, and increased thermal resistance of wall and roof assembles have eliminated the need for floor plate perimeter heating.